After God’s Own Heart: Living Like David!

My favorite man from the bible (besides Jesus) is David. Hands down. No questions. I've been fascinated with David for about two years now. In books I read, scriptures I read, sermons I listen to, and articles I read about King David, I can literally always relate to his life in some way. God has [...]

Purpose: Who will you be? 

God has been dealing with me a lot lately about the type of woman I'm seeking to be and the woman He's preparing me to be. And for the first time in my life, it seems like those two women are actually the same person. It doesn't feel like I'm running in the opposite direction [...]

Pursuing Purity: The Beginning

If you know me, you know my story with purity. You know how it burdens me, and you know that the idea of it is SUPER important to me. I believe that, like I used to, other people have an underdeveloped idea about what purity really is, what it should look like in our lives, [...]

Resting in His Promises

Two months ago, God told me that He was pleased with me. He said that He was about to open doors for me that no man could close. He even revealed things about my calling and the mandate He's placed on my life to reach women for His kingdom. I will admit, knowing that God [...]

It is Well

If you read my blogs regularly, you know that last semester was a really trying season in my life. You know that I barely made it out as far as spiritual battles are concerned. The enemy really had his hands on my heart, my mind, my spirit, and my body. The sad thing is I allowed it. Funny [...]

Worshipping God In Spite of…

A few days ago, we had tornadoes completely rampage through my hometown, my college town, and a local university. I really believe God prepared me for the weather because for some reason I couldn't sleep properly that Friday night. I was awake when they called us into the hallways in my dorm because the storm [...]

My Boyfriend is NOT the Love of my Life

I had a realization during worship Sunday morning. I was overwhelmed and so moved by the presence of God. I was emotional because I could feel Jesus coming in and fixing all of the broken parts of me that morning. I felt so loved and vulnerable in that moment. I started talking to the Lord [...]

Authentic Friendship

Anybody who knows me knows that all of my life, I've struggled with the concept of friendship. Not only did I accept unhealthy love in relationships, I accepted false ideas of what a friend should really be. I was a complete pushover for most of my life honestly. I let people push me around, lie [...]

Forgiveness and Freedom: Living a life of p u r i t y.

The truth is a few months ago I was a hypocrite. On August 1, 2016, I wrote an article for the odyssey on how to "protect your purity". Ironically, here I am again.. writing about the same thing I believed I had already mastered. The truth is I was still trying to find my way [...]

2016 Moments

2016 was a year of moments. I went from spending the first day of the new year with two of my favorite people (shout out to Morgan and Brooke), finally dating the man of my dreams (Monk :)), ending my freshman year of college with a 3.7 GPA, working two jobs over the summer, starting my [...]