Reckless Love

“We can run straight into your arms unafraid because every-time we meet you, we’re met by LOVE.”

When I begin to self-reflect at the end of every year, I usually think about every failure, downfall, set-back, dark place, empty space, silent season, and all the moments of pure disregard for my purpose that I experienced during the year. I think of the times I felt alone, forgotten, lifeless, and the times I felt like giving up. When I think about the solution to all of those issues and how I made it though, I am always greeted with the realization that God met me with love in every single one of those places. He relentlessly pursued me and chased me every single time I turned away, felt like He wasn’t around, or thought I could do it on my own. I’m reminded of all the times I felt God even when I sinned, or got lazy in my ministry or didn’t feel like talking to God. I isolated myself from Him but He kept running after me, begging me to seek Him in those seasons of purposelessness.

The thing about God is He does this for every single one of us, not just me. He doesn’t give up on us, even when we feel like we’ve gone too far. He is still there chasing us and fighting for us with a love so reckless, I can barely fathom it.

Love is this very big, very huge concept that is honesty so hard to explain. I’ve researched it and pondered on the idea of it for years. I’ve known it, I’ve felt it, and I know that it’s real but it’s just SO BIG. The definition of love is “an intense feeling of deep affection”. Love is this giving, unconditional, always powerful, and always pursuing thing. Now God’s love…. that’s a whole new level of hugeness. Think of the most love you’ve ever felt from a person and multiply that times infinity when trying to put into perspective how much and how big God loves us. Add the word “reckless” in front of that, and you have this unbelievable presentation of affection that no human person could EVER match or could ever give you.

Now reckless.. Usually when we think of reckless, we think of irresponsibleness or accidents. The definition of reckless is to be “marked by lack of proper caution or to be careless of consequences.” The definition, just like the word itself, brings about a negative connotation but when put into perspective, it’s actually really powerful. And after pursuing an understanding of the word used in conjunction with the love of God, I have come to the conclusion that I wouldn’t want God to love me in any other way.

God has this uncontrollable, deep, intense affection for us that covers us in all aspects. He doesn’t think about the consequences of loving us. He doesn’t think about the fact that we could choose not to reciprocate His love again and again. He doesn’t think about the fact that we will lie sometimes and say we love Him, but let our actions say otherwise. He doesn’t consider the fact that we’ll hurt him countless times. He still decides to give us His love and to pursue us with His love no matter what. He isn’t cautious or nervous or worried when He considers if He should chase us down with His love. He just does, and that is the truest testament to what love is – love does.

So if I had to choose between careful, thought out love that depended on my reaction to it versus reckless love that abandons all criteria to receive it, I’d choose the latter. I’d choose the love that will never give up on me. I’d choose the love that is never thinking of its itself but exclusively for the one it is pursuing – me. I’d choose the love that relentlessly chases me even when I’m playing hard to get.

And when I say chases me, it REALLY chases me. Through all of my failure and pride, he chased me down. Through all of my laziness and disobedience, he chased me down. Through all of my fear and doubt, he chased me down. There have been times where I just didn’t feel like doing the “God-thing”. I didn’t feel like praying or reading my bible. And there were times where I was completely engulfed in my sin that I didn’t think I could be loved. No matter what position I was in, His love A L W A Y S chose to pursue me. In my darkest, loneliest, most disobedient seasons, He still chased me. There were times where I could literally almost feel Him behind me, begging me to turn around and choose Him. He was relentlessly encouraging me to acknowledge Him and His love. And no matter what I did or no matter how much I thought I could handle alone, I always came back to Him with a broken heart in need of some of that unconditional, reckless love I thought I could find somewhere else.

I’m just saying. We are all designed to desire love and the greatest place to find one that covers all, is in Christ. It’s Him. What humans desire so much, what we search for in everything we do, what we look for in people and places that can’t give it to us, it’s Him. The love of God is what we’re wired to pan after. So let’s stop wasting time and allow God’s reckless love to cover us like never before. Let’s stop searching for something that pursues us every•single•day.

As always love God, love people, and always consider how satisfying allowing the reckless love of God to cover you is.


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