2016 Moments

2016 was a year of moments. I went from spending the first day of the new year with two of my favorite people (shout out to Morgan and Brooke), finally dating the man of my dreams (Monk :)), ending my freshman year of college with a 3.7 GPA, working two jobs over the summer, starting my sophomore year, losing friends I never expected to lose, and finally ending my fall semester of sophomore year with a 4.0 semester GPA. In between all of those things was lots of tears, times of weakness, tests, growth, and searching – moments.

God shut a lot of doors in my face, some of which still hurt. God removed a lot of people from my life, some of which I still miss. God gave me  many tests, some of which I failed miserably.

I learned to collect moments this year. I learned to hold on to things that really matter and to let go of people who don’t add substance to my life. I learned that it is okay not to be perfect in the eyes of other humans. I learned that God’s love can bring light into the darkest of places. I learned that being wrapped in the arms of God is truly the safest place to be. I learned that sometimes you will find comfort and shelter in the words of people you never expected. I learned that best friends find you when you need them the most. I learned not to seek friendship in people who aren’t friendly. I learned that I don’t have to be friends with people just because we have mutual friends. I learned that people will hate you because of the calling on your life. I learned that forgiveness is truly a beautiful concept. I learned that finding your purpose is a process. I learned that nothing that God does will ever make sense.

This year broke me.

But I picked myself up, put the pieces back together again, and left the ones I didn’t need. I found reasons to keep going and to keep trying. I am a different person than I was when this year started. I can truly say that this was the best year I’ve ever had in terms of character development and personal growth. God truly used this year to show me all of the things I lacked as a person. He showed me what I needed to change and gave me the resources and strength to do so. I’m so thankful for the moments.

When you reflect on this year, don’t think about the things that could’ve been better. Don’t think about the things you wish you could’ve changed. Think about how this year brought lessons of life, love, and growth to you. Think about how much you changed. Think about what improvements could be made for next year. Think about the fact that you made it this far. Think about the opportunity you have to use this year’s challenges to help someone else. As always love God, love people, and make your list of goals for 2017.

2 thoughts on “2016 Moments

  1. Your stories are amazing, but I have to ask how do you manage to handle a full load of classes, find time for relationships ( social life), and still have time to meditate on the Word of God?


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