Passion, Politics, and Jesus

I haven’t really spoken to anyone about the election results in depth, because I simply couldn’t find the words. I still haven’t figured out exactly what to say. I will admit I initially felt defeated, unappreciated, afraid, lonely, and emotionally distressed. I was hurting. Not because people voted for Trump, but because some of the people I held near to my heart looked passed the hate, the drama, and the fear his campaign evoked in myself and other people. I was hurting, because people tried to justify his words and his actions that screamed “discrimination”, “racism”, or “intolerance”. While I am no longer emotional distressed, I have began to use logic and reasoning to sort through my feelings. Here’s what I got:

Thank you to everyone who showed continuous empathy and understanding through out this process. Thank you to anyone who held space for me and all of the people affected and allowed us to feel. Thank you for anyone who chose to smile and love no matter what. Thank you to everyone who gave me a few days to get my thoughts together.

For my friends who voted for Trump, I don’t hate you. I never have and I never will. And I also don’t believe you guys aren’t Christians. I won’t disrespect you, or talk down to or about you because of your choice. Instead, I’ll love you. I’ll pray for you. I’ll hold space for you and hope that we can work through this. I’ll hope to God that we can find common ground and enough strength to mend broken relationships.

To all of the Christians who believe that my involvement in speaking out against social injustice or my disappointment in this election is unnecessary: I believe that Jesus is proud of me for being active and engaged in the things happening in the world and in our community. As far as the election goes, I know that God is in control. I know that His plan is the ultimate plan and defeats my will every single time. In the words of Lecrae, “I know God is in control. But so did Jesus when he wept for Lazarus.” It is okay for me to be disappointed and to weep for those who are hurting at this time. I am human, and although my hope is in the Lord, I am still wired to be emotional, and my heart is broken for those who are hurting. I will definitely continue to be prayerful and choose the battles I’m going to fight, but God has given some believers the heart and abilities to fight social injustices and promote change. I hope to continue to be one of those people.

If I have offended anyone or anybody feels personally victimized by me, I do apologize. I don’t apologize for what I believe or what I stand for but I am sorry if the way my thoughts came across offended you.

I think my lovely friend Gabrielle Williams summed it up quite nicely (thank gabby girl):

“As a believer, I feel there needs to be a love that rises above selfishness. Yet the power of a meme, video, & casting judgement seems to diminish the love we preach so heavily about. Coming together as the body of Christ is not having your preferable outcome, believing it was God’s will, and feeling others should share your perspective in order to eliminate “division”. Division isn’t just caused by hate but also the failure to get outside of your opinions and to check on others, to say encouraging words, to acknowledge how they feel regardless of how poorly you think they’re carrying themselves. Don’t preach love and cast judgment. They don’t mix. Like water & oil…”

As always.. Love God, Love people. And remember to hug someone who may need it. Sincerely Imani.

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