Softly Sophisticated

An Introduction to the blog of Imani Harris

Hey guys! My name is Imani Harris. I’m a sophomore Public Relations major at the University of Southern Mississippi. I would like to think of myself as a brutally soft woman. I tend to be heavily connected and in tune with mine and other people’s emotions. I have a big heart, and I have never been afraid to stand up for what I believe in. I spend most of my time reading, listening to spoken word poetry, singing heavy with emotion ballads, watching romantic movies, and eating. I love people, music, and Jesus. I’m also sort of obsessed with working out and eating healthy, even though I’m not disciplined in it. At all.

I chose PR as my major, because it’s broad enough to include all of the things I’d like to do with my life. I want to be over PR for a major marketing firm, create a nonprofit organization that specializes in creating better lives for young black women in this world, and write several novels on topics such as love, religion, race, and women. My personal inspiration comes from Priscilla Shirer: actress, preacher, and motivational speaker, who starred in the movie War Room.

I created this blog several months ago without actually posting anything, because I was nervous that I wouldn’t have a large enough fan base. I even started writing for the odyssey just to get myself, my brand, and my writing out in the world. The purpose of my blog is to inform my readers on things that are happening in the world and in my life. I’d like to use my experiences, my people skills, and my heart for the things of God to inspire people. I want my readers to see my drive, my spirit, and my desire for success and justice through my blog. My intentions will never be to offend, but to open hearts and minds to other opinions besides their own. I hope all of you see the genuineness through my blog and enjoy reading my posts!

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